2020 Album

"Hello Mystery" (provisional title)

Album Progress

Oct' 20 - Nearly done! Chris has done a fantastic job, bringing more life to the songs than I imagined and I am also very grateful to to friends who have been made generous contributions during the recording of music/advice and patience - thanks x

Sept' 20 - Mixing commences with Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studios! Additional production recording, overdubs and recording added - all remotely - technology can be a wonderful thing

Aug '20 - Recording 95% complete, additional musicians adding backing vocals, guitar, harmonium, cello and violin 

July '20  - Recording 80% complete, additional musicians to be added - Mixing to follow when done

June '20 - Track listing finalised :- Furry Little Vampires, Always Leaving London, White Roses, Cup of Tea, Boring, Mystery, Shoes, Bubble, Tell Me Tomorrow, Who, Let's Play A Game

Feb '20 - Recording started

Dec '19 - Demo's produced