“Engaging songs with a quirky vocal delivery. Songs full of hooks and striking chord changes. He’s a joy to work with!” - Chris Pepper - Saltwell Studio producer (Chris Difford, Boo Hewerdine)  
From Bristol, UK, Nigel is a singer/songwriter of upfront songs, influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, John Prine, Bruce Springsteen and classic country, folk and blues.  
His songs are an eclectic collection, covering; true stories, imaginings and observations - often with some humorous self-awareness added for good measure. People have said that the song’s remind them of; Neil Diamond, Leonard Cohen, Edwin Collins, Smiths, The Coral and Marc Almond.  
In Dec '17 Nigel recorded the song "Mystery" at Saltwell Studios, which became a turning point. Pleased by the results this has led to a focused period of writing, recording and performing.  
This year he spent a week in Somerset co-writing with other songwriters at a week long retreat run by renowned songwriters and artists Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith. Many songs were written, performed and new partnerships made.  
Live performances involve Nigel enthusiastically and dynamically delivering his songs with a guitar and his versatile voice, guaranteed to raise many a smile in the audience. Some of the highlights of Nigel's live performances:  
● July ’18 Tetbury Fiesta Outdoor Music Festival main stage

● May '19 Supporting American group Ravis Cole on 3 dates of UK tour

● May ’19 "Southern Sounds" Country Showcase Hy Brasil Music Club

● June ’19 "Harefest" '19 Outdoor Music Festival main stage

● Aug ’19 Bristol Balloon Fiesta main stage  
This year he has also been featured on some radio shows:  
● Jan '19 "Shoes" played on BSR FM, Somer Valley FM & Longside Radio.  

● May '19 BSR FM Live performance of 3 songs

● June '19 BCFM Live performance of 4 Songs + play of 3 recorded songs

● July 2019 Radio Brum interview and play of "Mystery".

● September '19 BBC Radio Bristol play of "Always Leaving London"  

For 2019 Nigel is also taking part in a "Song A Week" challenge, with other songwriters from around the world. Each week a specific topic has been set and a new song is written, recorded, posted online and often performed live - quite a challenge, but great fun!  
Currently Nigel is preparing for more live shows, writing both solo and with collaborators and recording new songs for release.