Album Progress

Jan '21 - Happy New Year! CD's have arrived and they look and sound great. A prelude song 'Always Leaving London (Acoustic)' - which is different to the album version is now available on all platforms. The first single from the album will be released at the end of Jan, there will be another single at the end of Feb and the Album will be available physically and digitally at the end of March.

Dec '20 - Done! Mastering has been completed at Fluid Mastering in London by Nick Watson - great job, sounding fantastic. CD Artwork completed and CD Production is taking place at Alpha Duplication. Single - Always Leaving London (Acoustic) released as a prelude to the album.

Nov '20 - Nearly, nearly done! Mixing completed, unfortunately the pandemic restrictions have prevented the original mastering date from being possible - rescheduled for December.

Oct' 20 - Nearly done! Chris has done a fantastic job, bringing more life to the songs than I imagined and I am also very grateful to to friends who have been made generous contributions during the recording of music/advice and patience - thanks x

Sept' 20 - Mixing commences with Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studios! Additional production recording, overdubs and recording added - all remotely - technology can be a wonderful thing

Aug '20 - Recording 95% complete, additional musicians adding backing vocals, guitar, harmonium, cello and violin 

July '20  - Recording 80% complete, additional musicians to be added - Mixing to follow when done

June '20 - Track listing finalised :- Furry Little Vampires, Always Leaving London, White Roses, Cup of Tea, Boring, Mystery, Shoes, Bubble, Tell Me Tomorrow, Who, Let's Play A Game

Feb '20 - Recording started

Dec '19 - Demo's produced

Release early 2021