Recorded Live at Halsway Manor June '18. Produced, Recorded and Mixed by the excellent Chris Pepper. Made up and performed live by me and amazing Andy Williams (superb guitar solos).


Peeling paint and frozen windows
Behind four walls where no one cares
Blissful moments before she goes
Always leaving London

Learning that we're bound by numbers
And science always pays the bills
Streets of gold all paved with wonders
Always leaving London

Caught inside the big machine
Paying the price of necessity
Grinding every hope and every dream
Always leaving London

I don't believe in luck, or how you roll the dice
If no one's listening, then take your own advice
You think that you need help, or is it something else
What I found is heaven sent...

Inside the holy trinity
Are these precious things
Far from here, will set me free
Always leaving London
Always leaving London
Always leaving London...

Words and Music Nigel G. Lowndes and Andy Williams