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A sparkly beacon of showbiz, more surprising than a contemporary David Byrne with a Stetson - Hello Mystery is as it says on the tin, and for this I give it full marks. Johnny Cash pastiche meets Tonight at the London Palladium; love it!” - Devizine

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A certain distinctiveness which which makes it a Nigel G. Lowndes song - it really is different and catchy - it has something for everyone no matter what your taste” - Jelli Records

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Hello Mystery is a highly enjoyable album that demonstrates that quirky English songwriting is alive, well, and living in Bristol. Thanks Nigel – you’ve made a wonderful album!” - At The Barrier

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Nigels music is like a big warm hug that radiates passion in a way that I can’t help but adore, I look forward to listening again in the future!” - On The House

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