The Story - So Far...

 “Alluring and playful, Nigel is a distinctively individual singer-songwriter whose thought provoking lyrical songs are dripped in rootsy americana folk and rock. His performances hook you in to serve you up a rhythmic, quirky and veritable feast!” - Lady Nade (Award Winning Americana Folk Artist)

“You write songs that remind me of David Byrne and your voice can go deeper than mine!” - Chris Difford (Squeeze)


Singer-Songwriter Nigel G. Lowndes sold his car to record his first album, so strong was the call to make music which had always been there, like an unrequited love. 

Nigel grew up in tricky circumstances, and as a child would escape through listening to music and singing, feeling a deep connection that beckoned him to explore, but which wouldn’t get the chance to come to fruition until the age of 52 when he played his first solo gig.  

He started work at a young age in order to get on, however whilst the desire to pursue music was strong, he needed to provide for his family. So he worked hard to keep a roof over their heads for many years. 

Music played quietly in the background for a long, long time, with occasional flirtations with other musicians on the Bristol scene keeping it going, until the role of provider was needed no more and Nigel could answer the call. 

A fan of John Prine, Mary Gauthier and Johnny Cash he noticed these artists develop and evolve their careers at later times in their lives, with Mary not starting her career until age 35. Nigel felt torn between an industry quick to dismiss musicians of a mature age starting their career versus the possibility of those who managed to make it happen. 

So after successfully performing his songs live for a couple of years and making the aforementioned vehicular sale, in 2021 (aged 54) Nigel successfully released his debut album called “Hello Mystery”. Since then the passion has continued to flourish with the follow up album ‘Rhymes with Sounds’ continuing the love affair, with a rawer, rootsier Americana Folk Rock sound. 

Nigel delights audiences with his energetic and amusing live shows, and has performed in a wide variety of venues with some of the highlights being; Glastonbury Calling Festival, Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Tetbury Music Festival, Keynsham Music Festival, SAMFEST, Bristol Folk Trail, Southern Sounds, UK Country Music Week and supporting American duo Raveis Kole on their UK Tour. 

His music has also been featured on many radio shows, including live performances for BBC Radio, 365 Radio, Country Music UK, GFM, Frome FM, BCFM, Somer Valley Radio, BSR FM, SW20 Radio, KTCRFM, Swindon 105.5 and Bath Sounds.